about us

Damn Good Looking was started by Jennifer Bradley at the end of 2014 and is based just outside Johannesburg. It is a pattern and product focused business that currently designs and makes mirrors and a range of textiles. To Jennifer, the owner, designer, printer, driver and IT guy, the details are important - where edges meet and how two lines intersect - this is not only applicable for the things we make but this level of care is important to all relationships and aspects of the business. With degrees in both architecture and economics, there are many layers of experience that all add depth to the process of design as well as running a business.

Every element of the work done by Damn Good Looking starts on paper. From there, lines become drawings that turn into things. Some of these things are mirrors and some are patterns that are then printed by hand on paper and fabric. This hand-driven process is a huge part of the final product. Patterns evolve through the process of printing and the designs develop through every round of production.

Damn Good Looking is committed to working with deep consideration for all areas of the design and production process, to not doing anything just for the sake of it and making sure every decision is thoroughly considered. While this may seem serious, and it is  - we never take ourselves too seriously. It is essential to maintain a sense of humour at all times. Above all else it is important to work truthfully, so that the integrity of the work and those doing the work, is visible.